Thank you for considering Olympia Respiratory Services for your healthcare needs.
We specialize in providing high quality respiratory care services specifically designed to improve your quality of life.

Our StaffEstablished in 1996, Olympia Respiratory Services offers comprehensive evaluation and treatment of respiratory abnormalities. ORS was organized for the purpose of providing high quality therapeutic sleep services and has expanded to all aspects of respiratory care.

To improve the health care and quality of life of patients suffering from respiratory disorders and abnormalities.

To be a leader in the treatment of patients with sleep disorder breathing and other respiratory abnormalities.


  • To provide quality service in a prompt, reliable and professional manner.
  • To provide efficient, dependable and cost effective therapeutic services.
  • To provide education and training to patients and their family during the treatment of their sleep disorder breathing & respiratory abnormality.
  • To provide effective follow-up, evaluation and assessment to improve compliance and success in the management of the patients treatment.